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International fans making fun of kpop groups’ English while they can’t even pronounce their bias’s name correctly

Song: 그 XX (THAT XX)
Artist: OLLTII FT. ZICO (of Block B)
Album: 쇼미더머니3 BOBBY vs 올티

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kyung: *listening 2 the bts trailer*
zico: o ok
zico: no thats fine
zico: no i mean if u love bts so much why dont u go rap with em b a bulletproof boyscout that would b cool i mean if u want a fedora enthusiast 2 lead u thats aight thats fine im just sayin namjoon doin this fashion thing bein ugly havin thick lips liking anime he thinks he me he thinks he Zico Lite® but nah its fine u want ur Diet Zico i understand ur watching ya figure
zico: its fine